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SPA vacations are very popular among people who want to relax in the waters of Baltic Sea and get their bodies into natural balance using energy of water and amber. Accommodation in high end SPA hotels on the beautiful sea beach of Jurmala will make your vacation unforgettable and truly purifying…

In case where a patient has certain disability or must be educated to accomplish socialization process after the acquired injury, doctors send those patients to different types of rehabilitation centers, according to the specifics of the treatments required. H&T partner rehabilitation centers are available in surroundings of Riga, where people with different types of problems can be treated, educated and motivated. Especially popular is the “Vaivari” rehabilitation center, which is situated just about 100 m from the Jurmala seashore. Only Baltic Sea water is used for rehabilitation procedures, which is a natural revitalizer by itself with all its’ minerals, such as sulphur, brome and natrium chloride. Mineral waters and energy of the sea that’s what makes it special…

Reittherapy or horse riding therapy is innovative method of medical and social rehabilitation. The rhythmic movements of horse, body warmth and contact with an animal provides very positive results. Among the indications for that kind of therapy are troubles of central and peripheral nervous systems, locomotive organs, respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, as well as psychological and behavioral problems.

Those listed and many more types of rehabilitation treatments are available in Latvia and is provided by H&T partners.

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