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Plastic surgery is a key direction of many clinics in Latvia. Plastic surgery helps to cope with the consequences with congenital disorders, deformities and acquired as a result of traumas, sicknesses and accidents as well as disorders and deformations acquired during previous surgical operations.

The main characteristic features of plastic surgery center`s in Latvia is deals with such tissues as skin, fascia, tendons, nerves, bone and fat tissue and its goal is to restore functions and to reconstruct the shape of given body part or parts.

A sub-discipline of plastic surgery is cosmetic surgery, sometime referred to as aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery focuses on correcting body parts whose shape departs from the norm in a substantial way and on alleviating the impact of aging on the surface of the body. The goal of aesthetic surgery is the immediate improvement of the way a patient looks.

This type of procedure is often resorted to by women. The most popular service is breast augmentation in Latvia. The cost of this service depends on the full range of services.

Another common cause of appeal to surgeons is jaw injuries. Poor quality surgery can affect the appearance of a person. But you will be satisfied with maxillofacial plastic surgery in Latvia.

Why should you do plastic surgery in Latvia:

  • High level of qualification of doctors;  
  • comfortable conditions of patients' stay;
  • developed technologies;
  • high standards of medicine;
  • favorable prices of plastic surgery in Latvia.

Popular cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures and average costs:

Plastic surgery for face:

  • Upper eyelids sculpturing: $ 1000,-
  • Lower eyelids sculpturing$ 1000,-
  • Sculpturing of the cartilaginous:$ ~2800,-
  • Sculpturing of the bony part of the nose:$ ~ 3600,-
  • Sculpturing of the ears:$ ~ 1000,-
  • Face-lift:$ ~ 2800 – 5200,-
  • Restylane injection (1 injection):$ 400,- (1 inj.)
  • Dysport injection:$ 400,- (1 inj.)

Plastic surgery for body:

  • Sculpturing of the anterior abdominal wall: $ ~ 2400 – 3600,-
  • Liposuction for one area: $ ~2000,-
  • Sculpturing and reconstruction of scars: $ 100 – 1000,-
  • Breast enlargement (augmentation): $ ~3800 – 4400,-
  • Breast lifting (mastopexia): $ ~ 2600 – 3200,-
  • Breast reduction: $ ~ 3200 – 3800,-

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