Our full service medical tourism agency takes mayor responsibility for wealth of our clients, because we are those who are booking medical procedures and surgeries on their behalf. That is why we are very strict in choosing cooperating clinics.

We carefully evaluate every single clinic that wants to service inbound medical tourists, as our reputation plays a great role in relationships with our clients.

Our deep evaluation process includes checking ISO certification, doctors’ education and amount of international practice in globally recognized medical centers. And of course, if the staff of a clinic is well educated, board certified and speaks good English.

Mayor factor for a clinic to receive a positive evaluation is the presence of up-to-date, hi-tech medical equipment. Several doctors working in our company make the whole medical trip planning process much faster, allowing us to maintainoptimal pricingpolicy.

H&T – we trust our partners!



This clinic is one of the most trusted and reliable medical partners for years, which recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Full range of dental services can be performed here. The clinic owns all the newest necessary equipment for the safe and reliable treatment. Materials used in procedures are purchased in America, Japan and other European countries.

Anesthesia type is selected individually according to client needs and desires. There are unique techniques for pregnant and sensitive people.

Also the clinic has separate department which specializes on solving kids’ health problems with very responsive and attentive staff and child friendly design of interior.

Most of the specialists knows three languages and can find an approach to each client, help to overcome fear, even before removing the teeth. The clinic uses only digital radiography with reduced radiation doses and diagnostic X-ray can be performed in any time during procedure. Prosthetics implantation, oral hygiene, different systems of teeth whitening, brackets installation, correction of malocclusion and treatment after injury.

SIROWA private dental clinic


SIROWA clinic is located in the center of Riga. Fully equipped with modern facilities, latest innovative techniques and constantly updates its expert s knowledge. The clinic has an operating room, as well as accommodation is available for foreign customers.

Swiss dental experts


This is an international level dental clinic offering the following services: implantology, removable and non-removable prosthetics, oral hygiene: tartar removal, covering with fluoride gel coating for sensitive teeth Desensitizer “Gluma”, Tiefenfluorid “, varnish” Seal & Protect “, laser teeth whitening and ZOOM. Teeth aesthetics: dental decoration with Swarovski from 50 euros and diamond jewelery from 70 euros. Orthodontics, braces from 300 euros. In SWISS DENTAL EXPERTS surgery of varying degrees of complexity is also offered.

Fertility treatment. Private EGV clinic.


Latvia has all the necessary assisted reproductive technologies available for effective treatment of infertility both in men and women. In previous years extra finances were brought into this field of medicine by starting special infertility treatment program for locals. Since this is a very delicate subject for many couples, our teams’ approach is always very individual in selecting both clinic and a doctor.

Private EGV clinic successfully performs in vitro fertilization procedures in the most difficult situations. The clinic has available methods of treatment both for male and female infertility. As well as diagnostic ultrasound examination, observation of pregnant women, psychotherapist and dietitian services available.

Centre for Reproductive Medicine “Embrions” offers the latest techniques of infertility treatment and successfully fulfills the program of IVF. The clinic has its’ own laboratory and equipment for all types of possible operations as well as provides surgical emergency care.

Private plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Janis Gilis


Dr. Gilis is a medical doctor who passed residency in Moscow in the National Center of Surgery, practicing plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine since 1985. His private plastic surgery clinic is located in the heart of Riga, has a cozy lounge and an opportunity to stay in a comfortable ward for the recovery period after surgery is done. This private plastic surgery clinic offers the following services: a face lift, neck and nose correction, rhinoplasty, Laser Lipolysis of fatty tissue, liposuction, tummy tuck, buttocks and legs plastic surgery as well as plastic surgery of male and female sexual organs. Various methods of removal and correction of keloid, hypertrophic scars and contracture scars on the face are offered.

Experts from Dr. Janis Gilis clinic offers hyaluronic acid injections – JUVEDERM ULTRA, SURGIDERM, RESTYLANE, injections of botulinum toxin (BOTOX / VISTABEL, DYSPORT), as well as lipofilling with PureGraft ™ technology.

Health centre 4: Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery


Experienced plastic surgeon Andrew Kremniov consults and performs surgery in HEALTH CENTRE 4 surgery clinic. This clinic is located in the city center, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the fair pricing. In addition, gynecological diseases and vein treatment can also be performed using the latest technologies and techniques. Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery offers services of such specialists as plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetologist, gynecologist, medical pedicure specialists and experts in laser procedures.

Private plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Kaspars Feldmanis


Dr. Feldmanis – is an experienced, highly skilled plastic surgeon with 15 years long experience of practicing plastic surgery in Latvia, Europe and United States of America. Dr.Feldmanis offers unique techniques in the field of plastic surgery. The ultra-modern, high-tech and comfortable clinic, located outside Riga, in a quiet and green location, will allow to relax and enjoy yourself and nature. Private clinic of Dr.Feldmanis, also offers services of medical SPA with unique SPA treatments for an accelerated recovery after plastic surgery is performed. Opportunity to combine facial and body procedures under the strict supervision of plastic surgery professionals constantly attracts our customers to come back again!

ORTO clinic


Ultra-modern private medical institution working in Latvia since 2008. This clinic is a true benchmark of quality in orthopedic and trauma services. Specializes primarily in the following areas: joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, hand surgery, spine and trauma surgery. Clinics’ professional therapist offers development of a rehabilitation course after surgery or for the prevention of functional disorders and all kinds of massage. ORTO clinic is conducting multiple clinical researches that allows to develop new technologies and techniques. ORTO clinic is working closely with the Olympic Committee of Latvia and also consulting major sports clubs of Latvia.

Health centre 4


VC4 – is the largest private group medical multidisciplinary center in Latvia. Among them: Baltic Vein Clinic, Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery, Beauty Clinic – 4th Dimension, Wellslim Health Centre, Children Health Centre, Department of Occupational Health, Diplomatic Service Medical Centre, Clinic of Orthopedics, Sport Traumatology and Spine Surgery “ORTO” and Diagnostics Department.

Diagnostic capabilities of this clinic are very extensive and popular among medical tourists. The experience of medical professionals covers various fields of medicine and their level of professionalism is repeatedly confirmed by certification in professional medical associations. Most specialists practice in major international medical centers in the U.S., Canada, Germany and Sweden. The clinic is certified by ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Paul Stradins Clinical University Hospital


Medical checkup programs and treatment options in this well known and recognized public hospital is very extensive. Latvian Cardiology Center located in this hospital is one of the strongest cardiology departments in the world, especially in the field of invasive cardiology. Where various invasive procedures are performed on a daily basis. Such as coronary angiography (invasive scan of the coronary arteries), coronary angioplasty with latest generation of stents, including the most advanced Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold system by Abbott, which dissolves within two years and coronary vessel regains its natural structure and physiology. Latvian cardiology center regularly performs minimally invasive heart surgeries and percutaneous transluminal corrections of structural heart diseases, such as the replacement of the aortic valve with stent bioprosthesis (for patients who are not eligible for an open heart surgery because of the large surgical risk), treatment of obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by alcohol septal ablation and correction of mitral valve failure with MitraClip system. Also, the center has experience in treating narrowings of carotid artery, kidney and lower extremity arteries by percutaneous transluminal angioplasty method.

Paul Stradins Clinical University Hospital


This hospital is the largest public hospital in Latvia. Located only 10 minutes by car from Riga airport. In cases where surgery is necessary, we often use the services of this hospital. Hospital carries out different complex operations, coronary artery bypass surgery, prosthetic heart valves implantation, pacemaker implantation, treatment of atherosclerotic coronary artery narrowing and vasodilatation by stent implantation, and many others. Also Latvian centre of transplantology is located in this mayor hospital with years of experience in renal transplantation..

Riga East Clinical University Hospital: Clinic «Bikernieki»


The clinic operates and provides treatment at the highest level since year 1963. Clinic’s best departments are Latvian Burn Center, Gerontology Center, as well as outpatient surgical department, where thyroid gland operations, manipulation of abdominal wall hernias, colorectal surgery and removal of the gallbladder are possible.

Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic


Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic is the world’s first centre of excellence for the oncolytic virotherapy. We have the world’s most experienced virotherapy specialists. Clinic provides patients with effective and complex cancer treatment with virotherapy, additionally including elements of complementary and integrative medicine.

The Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic is in a quiet and pine-covered resort town Jurmala in Latvia on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Nuclear diagnostic centre "MedVision"


The Nuclear diagnostics centre MEDVISION is the only medicine centre in Latvia providing cancer diagnostics with PET/CT technology - is the most accurate imagining technology for cancer diagnostics known worldwide.

NRC Vaivari


National rehab center situated in oldest Latvian resort town – Jurmala, just several miles away from Riga airport and at the same time right by the Baltic sea. Powerful rehab center for people with neurologic problems, after strokes and accidents.

Baltic Beach SPA & Wellness


One of the biggest SPA and wellness centers of Europe. Situates in Jurmala right on the shore or Baltic sea. Certified by the ministry of health care of Latvia and by Russian association of recreational specialists. Offers the following procedures: more than 400 spa treatments, including: aesthetic wellness programs, mud treatments, massages, hydrotherapy (physiotherapy, mud, mineral, aromatic bath, power shower, peeling Laminaria– Aqua, classic underwater massage with thalassotherapy), galotherapy (carbon capsule Reabox, Ion Foot Detox, Oxygen inhalation, salt room), physical therapy (vacuum massage Weyergans, Liposculpture, press lymphatic drainage, LPG, Starvac, 3D – Brazilian breast and bottom). Bath and the Garden SPA-procedures.

This resort has a beach bar and a terrace on its’ territory.

Wellslim centrs


Progressive multi-purpose center for the rehabilitation, restoration and relaxation of body aesthetics. Offers professional services cosmetology, dermatology, massage therapists. WELLSLIM SYSTEM-only in Latvia, one of the most effective weight loss systems, and in combination with diet therapy gives remarkable results. WELLSLIM center offers original treatments: Massage Wellness, chocolate therapy, masks with algae and clay, massage crystals and color therapy.

Medical SPA of plastic surgeon Dr. Feldmanis


Medical Spa at private plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Feldmanis invites you into the realm of harmony, comfort and pleasure. Here you can enjoy bathing rituals, massages, spa combos for face and body.

H&T team works with the best Latvian hotels, such as Baltic Beach hotel in Jurmala and Maritim Park hotel in Riga. When choosing accommodation for you, we evaluate multiple factors, that will bring you maximum comfort during your stay. If desired, more secluded and romantic accommodation is available, hidden from sight, such as several small boutique hotels in the center of Riga old town.

hotel hotel

Most of our clients use H&T transfers, which can be provided by our team and sometimes included in the service package. But in cases, when we need to book an airline ticket, than we use the services of a well known company Astra ture.


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