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Regular medical checkups are essential to stay healthy and active longer. Our team cooperates with Latvian leading private diagnostic center and creates personalized medical checkup schemes clients. So that all of our clients can take maximum out of our available hi-tech diagnostic tools to reveal different risks of diseases and diseases itself on early stages.

We offer different types of effective checkup packages, each dedicated for a certain group of patient. Our medical checkup programs are developed in order to conduct your health diagnostics in shortest terms, but maximally effective, to reveal possible risks of future diseases. And to receive all necessary medical recommendations concerning a plan of your treatment. Preventive healthcare is the most cost effective one and often lifesaving.

Each checkup program is developed carefully taking in consideration patients’ sex, age, chronic illnesses, possible susceptibility to certain diseases and financial situation.

Health & Tourism presents medical checkup programs for men, women, for children and teenagers. Contact us now and we will create your personalized medical checkup plan.

«PET/CT diagnostics»

The most accurate method of oncological disease diagnosis is available in Latvia – method of combined positron-emission and computed tomography (PET/CT)

Most often PET/CT method is used during examinations of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, melanoma, sarcoma, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, uterus, ovarian cancer, oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreas cancer, thyroid cancer etc., as well as for cancer of an unknown location.

The essence of PET/CT method is that the patient gets injected with a harmless contrast substance (a radiopharmaceutical that “marks” cancer cells only), then followed by a computed tomography (CT), and then a positron-emission tomography (PET).

During the procedure patient is on the couch that gets pushed into the aperture of PET/CT device. Aperture is wide enough, but the tube is short, which avoids the feeling of being in a confined space, which is important in treating patients with claustrophobia. Patient is only required to lie still to be able to get quality images (up to 1600 images), that are optimal for the future analysis.

For more qualitative and diagnostically valuable results, a strict preparation for PET/CT is needed. You can get all the information by writing us on: , and also you will have to fill out our questionnaire.

The main advantage of this method is that it allows not only find the tumour, but also determine its exact dimensions (even in few mm), its structure, and also understand how healthy and cancer cells function in the body. With PET/CT you can accurately determine where the malignancy is, whether there are metastases and whether cancer has resumed after the treatment.

PET/CT is irreplaceable in assessing the effectiveness of the treatment and the choice of further tactics. For instance, the case with skin cancer – melanoma – treatment. A patient who has recently undergone surgery turned up, but their CT showed a relapse. One more surgery was scheduled, but, luckily, patient has addressed for another opinion. In Riga, he was thoroughly examined with PET/CT, because in case of progressive melanoma it is the right way of examination (while developing, melanoma can form metastases in the brain, lungs, liver, so finding them timely is very important). There were found various small metastases in patient’s lungs, which meant that the surgery cannot take place, because it was necessary to stop their spread in the body first! Doctors have developed a new treatment plan.

A young woman had a hematologic tumour, and after a chemotherapy course, complications occurred. The study using computed tomography had an unclear result showing the presence of cancer cells. She applied for a PET/CT diagnostics in Riga. As a result, the oncologist stated that the occurrence is not active, disease has receded, which allows to stop chemotherapy.

Wide medical research shows that after using PET/CT method, patient’s treatment plan changes in 30-40% of the cases. With PET/CT method it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of radiation therapy and chemotherapy on early stages of treatment. This method of diagnostics allows to avoid the use of ineffective and expensive methods of treatment, making the treatment approach more individual for every patient.

In cancer diagnostics, we would want to stress out the importance of specialist’s qualification! Because diagnostics is not an act, it is a dialogue between the doctor and patient’s body, as well as their own. For a more accurate diagnosis, doctor relies on their own experience and knowledge, decodes the individual mechanism of interconnection of all changes in the human’s body that endanger person’s life.

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